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You will be doing anything for the one you love.
Except love them again..

Yongguk becoming embarrassed after having recovered from a difficulty of breathing.

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YXYX_B.A.P | Do not edit or remove logo.

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130922 광주 팬싸인회 젤로3

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The prettiest boy in this world !

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[Comeback Stage!] 130810 B.A.P - "BADMAN" @ Music Core Summer Special 

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[Comeback Stage!] 130810 B.A.P - "Coffee Shop" @ Music Core Summer Special 

B.A.P, Have You Heard of a Group That Writes a Song After
Watching the News?

"Because we worked hard to prepare for this, we don’t feel worried. We’re trying to pay more attention in showing what we’ve confidently been preparing. We had a quite a long break for a rookie group, so it feels like we’re debuting again. Since it feels like we’ve gone back to the start, I think we’re able to be more determined."
— Daehyun

translations by akdongs

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